Havana, Cuba

The Streets of Havana

People discovered while wandering the streets of Havana.

Gimnasio Rafael Trejo

These images were taken at the open-air Rafael Trejo gym in Old Havana. Set between deteriorating apartment buildings, the public ring is home to some of Cuba’s elite athletes, as well as a training ground for young boxers.

The Fishing Base at Cojímar

Cojímar is a small fishing village just east of Havana and these photos were taken in the private base where the local fishermen keep their boats and gear, prepare for fishing and clean their fish. Cojímar is best known as the background for The Old Man and the Sea. The ‘old man’ in the title is reputedly his guide Gregorio Fuentes, a Cojímar local. 

An Olympic Boxer's Home

Our guide's warm words at a nondescript door led us in to the home of one of Cuba's most celebrated Olympic athletes. He was not home but we met his family as they were beginning their day. Their home, one decaying room, was in a shocking state. Water was flooding in through a garden hose snaking across the floor. The mother and her son, wary at first, were so warm to us. Seeing my confusion about the 'flooding', she explained that the water was 'normal'. When water is available, they use the hose to fill whatever containers they have and the rest just runs across the floor and out via the door. This is their water for cooking, cleaning and bathing as you can see in the photos.

Dusk to Dawn

These photos were taken while walking around Old Havana before sunrise and after sunset.

Farm to Table

According to Wikipedia, the vast majority of Cuban families rely on the Libreta de Abastecimiento, or food rations, for their food. Most of these products are distributed at the local bodega, and in the case of meat, poultry or fish, at the local carnicería .

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